Sunday, October 19, 2014

1.5 post teaching

Hello there!

How have you all been doing? =) I hope everyone is doing well!
Today I just don't feel like doing anything about school and students (marking/preparing material/studying)!
So I decided to update this journal!

It's been around 1.5 months after I officially started working! So far so good! The senior teachers are very knowledgeable, approachable and friendly! Colleagues are very genuine and nice (true friends material!) and the students are simply adorable! :)

I just love their attitude! how they judge a person based on personality rather than ability to do something. Well, maybe I assumed too quickly, but how could you make a teacher your favorite, when the teacher did not do an awesome job in teaching? I didn't believe it as well! If I were in the student's position, I would have lost my respect straight away, and judged him/her as a bad teacher. But these students, most of them I would say, don't judge like that.

I could confirm this simply because I was the 'bad' teacher! It happened during my first few days when I had to take over several tutorial classes on my own. I couldn't even remember basic/simple matrices principles as I had not revised the material! I felt so embarrassed and super bad as I hate being an unreliable teacher! (cuz I hate having one too!) I thought to myself that they must have disliked me! Ugh!

But to my surprise, they don't.
We are learning together instead. =)

It's so beautiful how they don't see me just as a teacher, but as a complete human-being.
They care about my feelings. We don't just talk about the school subjects, but other stuff too, music, places where we came from, pets, relationship, future plan, jokes, mistakes, etc.
Some of them are just so friendly that they hug me every time they see me.
How beautiful! =)

When I think back, I felt like a horrible human being, overlooking weak teachers without knowing all their potential and power! Ugh, I was horrible! I'm sorry! u_u

Right! For the updates, now I'm taking Maths Intensive Class, teaching primary 6 students once a week for 7 weeks! It's pretty fun! will talk about it in the next post! =)

Good night, people!
May you be well and happy always!

PS. Thank you students, for your patience for all great teachers in the making,
      Thank you for your positive attitude towards imperfections!
      You all are so lovely!